October 2015 Stitch Fix Review

It’s been awhile since my last fix and I was really looking forward to seeing what my wonderful stylist sent this month.

Unfortunately, this fix was not a 5/5 for me.  At best, it’s a 2/5 – the biggest letdown was the cardigan.  I’ve marked on my style profile and in my note that I can’t wear wool & the cardigan is 10% wool 😦  And cardigans are my FAVORITE.  #firstworldproblems

But anyway, I really appreciated the color and variety in this fix.  My stylist “went out on a limb” as she put it, and even sent me a dress.

Let’s dig in!

I love the packaging…it’s really like unwrapping Christmas presents ❤

And my style cards:

Item # 1:  THML Meraux Mixed Material Top
I’m on the fence about this piece.  I like the mixed material aspect, I don’t mind the lack of color because I have colored jeggings I can wear with this, but the sleeves were a little odd.  They could be worn all the way down, which was 3/4 length, or they had a tabs that would roll the sleeves up, but then the sleeves were inside-out unless you were careful…thoughts?

Item # 2:  Market & Spruce Ohana Open Drape Cardigan
*sob*  This is just beautiful.  I love it.  Dang you, wool.  Sent it back…sadly.

Item # 3:  Skies are Blue Peregrine Split Neck Top
I loved the length of this top, but the split neck isn’t my favorite cut.  And this top was too big.  I was afraid of sizing down and loosing length.  So back this goes…

Item # 4:  Market & Spruce Bernadette Lace Overlay Raglan Top
I really love this top – raglan look with the feminine lace.  And the colors are so vibrant.  And the material is so soft.  It’s a tad short, but I will make it work because I am not sending it back!  Keep.

Item # 5:  Market & Spruce Marleene Dress
I was happy to have my stylist try out a new style for me because it’s fun to find things you like you wouldn’t pick for yourself.  But this dress was a miss – the stripes weren’t flattering and the length was super short, even with tights or leggings.  And it was too pricey for the simplicity of it.

I love Stitch Fix!  It’s such a fun thing to look forward to each month.
Wanna get a box of your own?  Sign up here (my referral link) and I’ll get a credit for my habit 😉

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