My First Hanger to Home Box – November 2015 Review

EDIT:  Since writing the review below, Hanger to Home shut down their company and subscription box services 😦

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 1.18.02 PM

I’ve been subscribing to Stitch Fix for over 6 months now & totally have the subscription box bug.  So I started subscribing to more companies & this month received my very first Hanger to Home box!


If you aren’t familiar with Hanger to Home, it’s a monthly subscription box, similar to Stitch Fix.  They typically send a box of clothes and accessories once a month, but you can choose the frequency that works for you. You fill out a style profile, send them a link to your pinterest style board and get started. They charge an $18 styling fee per box that is applied to any purchases, but the fee is waived for the first box! You lose nothing to give them a try! They’ve also offer a 20% discount if you keep 5 clothing items and give $15 referral credit when your friends sign up (*You can only use one credit per box). Be sure to let them know I (SARA DRAKE) sent you so I can get a referral credit, please 🙂

Ok so onto the review!  In my first box, I received 12 items, including accessories.  Being used to the 5 items/box that Stitch Fix sends, it was fun to see so many options!


They packaged everything neatly, making it fun to open each part.


Each box comes with instructions on what to do next – you have 3 days to try things on & decide what to keep.  You then put your returns back into the same box they came in and affix a sticker return label included in the box.



And each box includes a handwritten note from your stylist!  Which is kind of cool 🙂


So, like I mentioned, I received 12 items in my first box – here’s the invoice for an idea on pricing (which I thought was very reasonable).


I opened each wrapped package one by one & took pictures/tried things on.  The first part included a silver necklace & this fun plum mixed material top.  The necklace, unfortunately, was tangled up inside the bag to the point that I couldn’t untangle it to try it on.


But the top was great!  I love mixed material tops!  I didn’t keep this one because the sleeves weren’t long enough, but otherwise I would have.IMG_0701


The next packet included a blanket scarf, a turquoise necklace, & a top.  The necklace pendant was MUCH bigger in person than it appears in the picture.  I am not a chunky necklace person, so while I like the concept, I didn’t like the size.


The blanket scarf I *almost* kept.  I thought about it for 3 days, and even tried it on with a couple of my existing outfits.  But in the end, I decided that I would prefer more color.



The top was way too bland (no color – see a theme here?) for my taste.  Boring.



My next packet included another blanket scarf & a Mystree turtleneck sweater.


I liked the coloring of this scarf much better, but I didn’t like the shape.


The turtleneck sweater?  I am almost embarrassed to show you pictures of it on.  I looked AWFUL in it.  There was no shape to it & I felt like I was wearing an unflattering brown paper bag.



Onto the next one!  This was a fun one to open – pretty color!

For the jewelry in this one – I hated the hoops.  I mentioned in my profile I only wear studs, so these earrings were way off base. The necklace was nice, but I have something very similar so I didn’t keep it.


The top was a beautiful color & very soft!  I would have considered keeping this BUT it was HUGE.  My husband suggested I keep it for a future maternity top it was so large.  I sent it back though.



And the last packet – a couple of tops.


The black & white cardigan was a one size fits all piece and I felt like it was too boxy & short on me.


Plus I like my cardigans to be long sleeved – not 3/4 sleeves.


Last but not least – the mixed material maroon top was very soft (much like the blue top) and also way too big like the blue top.


Overall:  If you noticed I didn’t keep anything this box.  Am I disappointed?  No way!  It took a few months for Stitch Fix to get my style and fit, so I would expect the same for Hanger to Home.  I set my subscription level at every other month & I am looking forward to the next box.  I filled out the comment card in my box with detailed feedback and I bet the next one will include a keeper!

What do you think?  Should I have kept something from this box?  What did you love?


8 thoughts on “My First Hanger to Home Box – November 2015 Review

  1. I loved the first sweater burgundy with the plaid mixed media. I think you could have pushed up the sleeves and it would have looked adorable. You should have kept it!!


  2. I got the blanket scarf you almost kept in navy/red and love it! I also got that cobalt top in my last box and loves the color but not the fit on me either 😦 I’ve been doing hanger to home about 6 months now and love them. Their customer service is fantastic!


    1. Oooo! I would LOVE that blanket scarf in a navy/red combo! I really loved the fit & feel but the neutral color was what kept me from keeping it. I am so happy to hear you love Hanger to Home. I am very much looking forward to box # 2!


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