Stitch Fix Style for (much) less



I’ve been subscribing to Stitch Fix for 7 months now & I really love the excitement and fun each SF box brings.  When I first signed up my biggest hesitation was the price point.  Spending $50-$75 (on average) per piece of clothing was so much higher than what I typically spent per piece of clothing.

I know price ends up being a hang up for more than just myself and while I don’t mind spending more on services like Stitch Fix, if you would love the style Stitch Fix brings without the price – there are options available to you!

It requires more effort on your end BUT you can find some super cute pieces for a fraction of the cost.

Since subscribing to Stitch Fix, I feel like I’ve learned how to shop and that leads me to find better, cuter clothing to incorporate into my wardrobe.

For example – Old Navy & GAP.  I love both of these stores, especially shopping online, because they carry TALLS.  For a girl like me, I need talls in my life (I’m 6ft).  While the quality of the clothing at Gap or Old Navy won’t be as nice at Stitch Fix, I have had great success with my clothing from there.

Here’s what I bought most recently – my Old Navy reveal!


Item # 1:  Quilted Zip Vest – Chambray

I ordered this vest because it reminded me of the very popular J. Crew version only much less expensive.  I’ve not yet been able to bite the bullet and buy the real deal & this seemed like a good substitute.  What I didn’t realize (and couldn’t tell from the online photo) is that while this vest looks like (in style) the J Crew version it’s blue.  Hence the “Chambray”.  But I’m keeping it anyway – it’s cute and I can rock it until I fork over the dough for the J. Crew vest.




Item # 2:  Crew Neck Color Block Heather Oatmeal Top

This next top is super fun – with color block sleeves, front, and a striped back.  It reminded me of something I’d see in a Stitch Fix box.  It’s very thin material (not a sweater) and SO soft.  I ordered a large, which is a little big on me, but I don’t mind.  The front is kind of boring (the party’s in the back for this one) so I would spice up the front with a scarf or necklace.




Item # 3:  3/4 sleeved color blocked & black striped top

Yet another top with some color blocking and stripes.  It’s hard for me to pass up a cute striped top!  I love this one – it’s probably more a spring/early fall top because of the 3/4 sleeves, but I don’t mind to wait a bit to wear it 🙂

Again, the material is thin (though not see-through) and very, very soft!




Item # 4:  Plaid flannel rainbow top

So can one have enough flannel, plaid tops these days?  I was drawn to the mustard yellow in this one (I am loving mustard yellow this season!).  Again this runs a little big I think, but I don’t mind.  I can see wearing it with jeans or leggings!




So how much did these cute pieces cost me?  I had $20 in rewards, so I paid $24.10 but if you had bought them without rewards, it would have cost $44.10 shipped!  That’s $11/item.  Pretty thrifty!


While I think Stitch Fix is totally fun and sends unique pieces (and taught me how to shop for myself), I also think you can find fun, unique pieces on your own for a fraction of the cost 🙂

Want to buy something you saw in my review?  All 4 pieces are still available for purchase as of today.  Here’s the links!

Plaid flannel rainbow top

3/4 sleeved color blocked & black striped top

Crew Neck Color Block Heather Oatmeal Top

Quilted Zip Vest – Chambray

Want to see what a Stitch Fix box looks like?  My latest review to date is here.


6 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Style for (much) less

    1. Oh, I haven’t tried the lined bled boyfriend tees – I’m adding them to my cart today. Thanks for the tip!

      Confession: I have a running list of items in my Old Navy/Gap cart. I’m totally holding out for Black Friday before purchasing.


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