My First Golden Tote – November 2015 Review

I’m excited to share a look at my very first Golden Tote with you!  If you’re not familiar, Golden Tote is a company that puts out a special “tote” full of clothing on the 1st Monday of each month!


It isn’t really a subscription as there is nothing automated and you need to manually go in the 1st Monday of the month to order your tote (or anytime in between).  After you pick out your items, the stylists do the rest – filling the balance of your tote with lovely surprises!

If you decide you’d like to sign up with Golden Tote do so clicking here please so I can get a $10 referral credit 🙂

HOW IT WORKS (According to Golden Tote):

New totes go on sale the first Monday of every month at 9AM PST. The $49 Tote is a small tote filled with 2-3 pieces of clothing. The $149 Tote is a large tote filled with 5-6 pieces of clothing.

Pick one or two items you love, and we’ll surprise you with adorable, stylish clothing, at insider pricing, ensuring you get them for an absolute steal. We’re talking more than 50% off retail prices – that works out to around $26 per item. But shhh, nobody else has to know.

Is there something you just can’t live without?
Add items to your order during checkout for a reduced price.

Style your profile and tell us what you like to wear – or what you don’t. Every tote is hand-packed based on your profile. The more we know about your shape, size and style, the better we can personalize your picks for a perfect tote.

That’s it, you’re done! Wait for your shipping confirmation and delivery.

So now – onto MY first Golden Tote review.


I bought the $149 tote, or large tote, for my first time.  I was able to pick 2 chosen items ahead of time and got 4 surprise items in my tote.  This is what I chose:

Item # 1:  Puella Striped Swing Dress, size Large


Item # 2:  Trouser Leg Jeans, size 31 (I picked these because the inseam is 34″!!).


I ordered my tote right at 9am PST (11am my time) on Nov 2nd (first Monday in November) and it arrived on my doorstep 17 days later on Nov 19th.  The turnover time felt like forever.

Each month, a new tote design is released – this month is festive & colorful.  I really love this design!


And each tote is styled by one of Golden Tote’s stylists – they sign it with their initials:


You learn, after you join the Golden Tote’s Facebook group, that many people have a favorite stylist.  I had heard good things about DL.

Ok!  Onto the fun stuff:


Here’s the packing list of the items I received:


And for my 2 chosen items, I received style cards, much like Stitch Fix sends:



Let’s start with my chosens.

Item # 1:  Puella Striped Swing Dress


I was immediately drawn to this dress when the November chosens were announced a few days before release day.  It’s so pretty, flowy, and just fun!  I ordered my normal size large & later learned that swing dresses tend to run large and most people size down.  I actually thought this fit fine & really liked it (I’d wear it with black tights – excuse my November WHITE legs!).  But this dress has a tiny pin hole near the tag.  And while I could easily fix it, you’ll see that I’m sending my tote back this month & the hole helped that decision along.
IMG_0859The hole:


Item # 2:  Celebrity Pink Trouser Jeans

I LOVE these jeans.  Love.  This is the only item I am loathe to send back & may actually end up keeping & paying full boutique price to do so.  Not only are these jeans LONG enough (34 inch inseam baby!) they are the softest jeans I’ve ever worn in my life.  So, so soft.  My only hang up on these jeans is that they are a little big & I could see them stretching out & falling down over time.



And now onto my surprise items.  I picked the first 2 & liked both of them (I’m such a good stylist for myself 😉 ).  The 4 surprises I was sent are total misses.  Am I bummed?  No way!  I know that I need to learn the system & style of Golden Tote just like I did with Stitch Fix.  I didn’t expect to want to keep my first tote.

Surprise item # 1:  Puella Cross Front Mock Turtle neck

I really hate turtlenecks of all kinds so this was no exception.  To be fair, I didn’t tell Golden Tote I hated turtlenecks, so they didn’t know.  I am not a fan of the criss-cross in the front either (I’d much prefer it in the back.  Split back tops are SO cute!).  Yes, I did try it on backwards but the turtleneck was even more restrictive that way.



Surprise Item # 2:  Puella cardigan – blue

So this cardigan wasn’t too bad actually.  I loved the color.  But the sleeves were too short & the fabric was SUPER thin.  As in, one-false-move-and-my-engagement-ring-would-snag-this-baby-into-next-week thin.



Surprise Item # 3:  Ellison Fringe Cardigan

Ok.  Much like the cardigan in my Hanger to Home review, this cardigan is 3/4 length sleeves (I don’t understand that – cardigans are for keeping WARM) and boxy, I felt.  Plus there’s fringe.  I don’t like fringe…I know it’s “in” now, but blech.  Easy to know I wanted to send this back.


I’m wearing a blanket that I grew up with as a kid.  *shudder*


Surprise Item # 4:  Pink Owl Bell Sleeved Bird Blouse

This one was actually surprising.  I hated it out of the box but tried it on and actually kind of liked it.  The bell sleeves are totally out of my comfort zone, but kind of fun.  My 4 year old was taking the pictures of me (hence why my head is cropped off on almost all of them) and she said, “Mommy, you look like a birdie in this one”.  Well, it IS a bird blouse…



And that is it – my very first Golden Tote!  Am I already plotting tote # 2?  Heck yeah I am 🙂 I updated my style profile & tweaked it to exclude things I don’t like (turtlenecks & fringe) and to include things I DO like (embroidered tops, cardigans with LONG sleeves, etc..).

Have questions about how Golden Tote works still?  Comment below & ask me!  I am happy to help.

Want to try Golden Tote for yourself?  You can order a tote anytime here.

3 thoughts on “My First Golden Tote – November 2015 Review

  1. I just got my first Golden Tote and honestly liked everything! I got that same cardigan you did but in purple, and while it’s thin I’m still a big fan. I do have to say that the turtleneck they sent you is kind of horrifying lol. Like totally not my style at all, not sure what’s going on there!


    1. Haha…I know, right? Turtlenecks may come back in style, but I don’t think I can ever wear them 🙂 I did like the cardigan, too! If I was liking almost all my tote, I totally would have enjoyed wearing it. Glad you liked everything in your tote – that’s awesome!


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