Trendsend Box Review – November 2015


I have another subscription box review for you today & I’m excited to share it!  Trendsend (Evereve) is a company that was founded to help moms find fashionable clothing.  Their website says of the Evereve clothing stores, “Because you are busy juggling a million different things, I wanted to create a clothing store that makes shopping easy, helpful, and fun—where kids, girlfriends, and husbands are welcome.”

Trendsend is the subscription box that Evereve stores provide for moms who want the convenience of the clothing shipped right to their door.

So – how does this subscription box differ from all the others?  Right off the bat – there is NO subscription fee.  You can try it without any cost to you.  Isn’t that awesome?  You also don’t have to pay for shipping either way.

Create a style profile & then Trendsend says: “We will select outfits that match your taste and lifestyle, and you’ll save a weekend’s worth of shopping. We offer sizes 0-14.”

How was my first box?  Much better than I expected actually!  I was pleasantly surprised how well I liked what they sent.  Let’s dig in!

The box arrives!


The fun surprises inside:


The letter from my stylist:


The price list:


The fun details in the box – and fun patterns/colors!




Trendsend sent me 2 outfits to try & mix/match.  That ended up being 7 items in the box.  I also linked each item I received in my Trendsend box to the Evereve website in case you like something & want to buy it 🙂
Let’s start with the earrings.

Item # 1:  Piper Crystal Earring Jackets

I really liked these earrings but didn’t see myself wearing them much.  I’m trying to only keep things I know I’ll wear/use often (because, um, I subscribe to a lot of boxes).  So I sent them back; they are not only cute, but affordable!


Item # 2:  JOA Destructed Fisherman Sweater

This sweater actually was super cute on but the destruction in it totally threw me for a loop.  I couldn’t get past that.  As my husband helpfully pointed out, I do purchase jeans with holes/destruction often but for whatever reason, I can’t do destruction in my sweater 😉  Sent back.


Item # 3:  Paige Denim Transcend Verdudo Ultra Skinny Jeans

These jeans were fabulous – fit perfectly, made me feel skinny (which makes me want to purchase them just for that), but they were about 1 inch too short & they were $179.  No matter how much I like a pair of jeans, I’m not spending that kind of money on them.  Sent back.


Item # 4:  Michael Stars Striped Scoop Neck Thermal Tunic

Man.  This one killed me to send back.  I really loved it on; it fit like a glove & the length was just so great for my long torso.  But it was $78.  For a thermal top.  I just couldn’t spend $78 for a thermal top, no matter that I loved it.  Sent back.



Item # 5:  Level 99 Dahlia Flare Jeans

Again – a near miss.  I absolutely loved everything about these jeans except the flare style.  I am not a fan of boot cut/flare jeans.  But, again, the length was perfect & the jeans were well-made and soft and fit everything just right.  Sent back (and I asked for a skinny jeans similar next time).


Item # 6:  Peyton Jensen Park City Plaid

I actually didn’t expect to like this plaid top.  I have plaid from Old Navy and figured how much plaid does one need?  But this top was really cute on & so soft & the sleeves were long enough without the torso being too roomy.  My only complaint?  Boob gap.  You know what I’m talking about.  The buttons pulled right at my chest.  And I knew that would bother me enough to not keep it.  Sent back.



Item # 7:  Peyton Jensen Wilmar Hooded Cardigan

Love at first sight.  I knew that this cardigan was staying with me as soon as I pulled it out of the box.  Trying it on only confirmed the perfectness that is this cardigan.  Out-of-this-world soft, long, hooded, perfect neutral color, etc…  KEPT with enthusiasm!



My precious….


And that, my friends, was a fun box to get & try on!  I am excited for my next box (I’ll get them monthly).


I’d love to hear from you – what did you like?  Every tried Trendsend?  Let me know in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Trendsend Box Review – November 2015

  1. I peeked at my Fix and knew it would be a bust so I signed up for Trendsend last week. Can’t wait to get my box. These clothes look much better than what’s on the website.


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