BirchBox – November Box Review


I have yet another subscription box for you today to share & review!  Since I have been getting a lot of clothing boxes, I wanted to change things up and try a make-up/beauty sampling box.  I actually signed up for 2 services, Ipsy & Birch Box.  I was wait-listed for Ipsy until December but Birch Box got me right in!

My November box came last week & I waited to try things before writing my review.


Birch Box basics:  You pay $10/month for at least 5 samples of beauty products to be sent to you.  Each month has a theme (November was Feeling Fancy).  After you sign up, you fill out a profile of likes/dislikes so Birch Box can send samples that fit you best.

You’ll also be able to add full-size products onto your boxes and participate in Sample Choice, which allows you to choose one of the samples in your next box.

For my upcoming December Birch Box, I picked this as my sample choice:
Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 9.19.54 AM

What if you get a Birch Box & want to cancel your next box?  You can do that!

After you get each box, you have the chance to review your samples for 10 points/review.  After you accumulate 100 points, you get $10 to spend in the Birch Box store on full sized products!

Ready to try Birch Box?  If you decide to sign up through my link HERE by Dec 9th, you’ll get $5 off your first Birch Box!!  (Code will be: 5BOXGIFT)


Let’s get to the good stuff – the samples & review!  Here’s what was in my box:


Sample # 1:  LOC One & Done Shadow Stick

This was my favorite sample – I love eye shadow and I’ve never tried a shadow stick before.  I was impressed with how smooth the shadow went on and how long the shadow stayed on!


Sample # 2: MAKE, Face Gloss

I tried this face gloss under my eyes because the tag line said “formula refreshes dull skin”.  After 2 kids, I figure my eye bags could be easily considered dull skin!  I didn’t notice much of a difference honestly.


Sample # 3: Number 4 Restore & Repair Oil (for your hair)

I wear my hair both curly/wavy & straight so I was happy to see this sample in my box for when I straighten my hair.  I thought it might make my hair look fresh after all that heat!  I think it does gloss up my hair, but I used a little too much, so my hair looked greasy by the end of the day.


Sample # 4: PARLOR touchable curl cream

A sample for when I go wavy!  I loved this – much like pomade, it helped hold my curl without giving me crunchy hair.


Sample # 5:  Temple Spa (bath/shower gel)

I hated this one – it smelled VERY strongly, almost like Vick’s Vapor rub.  Blech.  I threw it away…


Overall, I am just ho-hum about this subscription box at first glance.  For $10 I could buy 1 full-sized product I love, instead of getting 5 samples I only like half of.  BUT I want to give Birch Box 1 more month & I really want to get my first Ipsy box before deciding 🙂

I’m looking forward to December’s Birch Box!  If you subscribe to Birch Box already, how do you like it??


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