December 2015 Stitch Fix Review


Boy, do I have a treat for you today!!  I got my December Stitch Fix box in the mail & while I’m planning on only keeping 1 item, I am SO happy with this box!  Why, you ask?  Because I have THE best stylist.

(If you are new to Stitch Fix skip to the end of this post for a short description of the whats and how-tos & for a link to sign up for your own box of happiness!)

After last month’s box where I kept it all, I decided that my budget needed a fun, push my comfort level box for December.  I didn’t want to keep it all this time – so here’s what my note said:

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 3.14.29 PM

I eagerly awaited a box of complete surprise AND then, 4 days before my box was to arrive, my stylist emailed me (!!).  She sent me a note to tell me that she wasn’t happy with the inventory available when it was time to style my box, so she asked if it would be ok to wait until the warehouse got more in that would fit my style.

What?!  How amazing is that??  Of course, I was ok with that!!

I told you I had the best stylist.

My box arrived 5 days later than it should have, but that meant I had some great pieces to try on & choose from.

Merry Christmas to me 😉


Just look at the fun (& ironically Christmas) colors!


My style cards:


And the sweet note from my stylist:


Ok, enough intro – let’s try on!

Item # 1: Level 99 Giovanni Straight Leg Jeans

Jennifer said that these jeans would be long enough for me (“bite my ankles” length) and I’ll admit, I was very skeptical.  But, much to my surprise, they fit perfectly!  My only complaint is the color – I am not a fan of that shade of green & honestly, I know I won’t wear them enough to justify the $99 price tag.  I’m sending these beauties back.



Item # 2: Market & Spruce Cotulla Button Back Sweater

I am on Stitch Fix FB boards enough to know this item is very popular, so I was excited to see it in my box!  I love the color & the button detail down the back.  However, I am not a huge fan of the elbow patch fad & this sweater’s neckline is slightly off the shoulders, which shows my bra strap (I hid it for the pictures).  I am undecided on this piece.




Item # 3: Pixley Mariel Open Cardigan

You know, by now, my love affair with cardigans ❤  This one is fun, especially paired with my Home T.  The colors are a little neon for my liking, but the pattern is adorable.  This is another one I’m not sure about.




Item # 4: Pixley Amboy Raglan Sleeve Trapeze Knit Top

Jennifer described this top as a “challenge piece” and “very on trend”.  I kind of love & hate it all at the same time.  Maybe I’m not on trend as much as I should be?  Argh!  I am not sure on this one, either, especially paired with mustard yellow!




Item # 5: Dahlya Nira Pullover Sweater

Lastly, this lovely sweater was sent & I feel like a big blob of washed-out ketchup in it.  Yuck!  I definitely didn’t like this one out of the box & continued not liking it as I styled it.  Back this one goes.




What a great December fix!  What do you think I should keep?

I decided to just keep 1 item this fix – which one should I choose??  I need help this month 🙂

And I leave you with this cuteness (my 20 month old daughter) & wish you all a very Merry Christmas!



What’s Stitch Fix?

Here’s how it works if you’re not familiar.You sign up here using my referral link pretty please (, fill out an in depth style/size profile, pay $20 styling fee, they ship you 5 items, you keep what you want, and mail back the rest.

If you buy anything, your $20 styling fee goes towards that purchase. If you buy all 5 items you get 25% off your order. It is totally free to mail your returns in. They send you all you need to do that.

You can do it as a monthly service or you can just schedule them whenever you want.

To get better items connect them with your style Pinterest board, give them a lot of feedback in the notes section, and fill out your style profile honestly.

For a list of my fix reviews, go here.



13 thoughts on “December 2015 Stitch Fix Review

      1. I kept a pair of green jeans because they were super soft and fit like a glove but I’ve yet to actually wear them. Maybe keeping green jeans was a mistake 😉


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