Hanger to Home Review – December 2015

EDIT:  Since writing the review below, Hanger to Home shut down their company and subscription box services 😦

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H2H December Review

It’s Hanger to Home review time!

If you aren’t familiar with Hanger to Home, it’s a monthly subscription box, similar to Stitch Fix.  They typically send a box of clothes and accessories once a month, but you can choose the frequency that works for you. You fill out a style profile, send them a link to your pinterest style board and get started. They charge an $18 styling fee per box that is applied to any purchases, but the fee is waived for the first box! You lose nothing to give them a try! They also offer a 20% discount if you keep 5 clothing items and give $15 referral credit when your friends sign up (*You can only use one credit per box). Be sure to let them know I (SARA DRAKE) sent you so I can get a referral credit (THANK YOU for those that used my name already).

Last month I received my very first Hanger to Home subscription box & I kept nothing.  The fit was off, the style wasn’t really me, and I just wasn’t feeling any of the pieces sent.

I gave detailed feedback & tried Hanger to Home again this month – only this month I requested a sale box.

What’s a sale box?  Well, I saw this on the Hanger to Home Facebook page:

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 2.14.15 PM

And I figured I would give the sale “rack” a try to see if I would have better luck than the first box.

A couple things I learned after receiving my sale box which I didn’t know beforehand that I want to pass onto you:

  1.  You don’t get to apply any referral credits to a sale box
  2. You don’t get the 20% discount if you keep 5 or more items

Now while I think not getting the 20% discount makes sense, since most items sent are 50% off the regular price, I think it’s ridiculous that you don’t get to use one $15 referral credit on your sale box.  Had I known that ahead of time, I probably would have skipped the sale box and done a regular box this month.

BUT since it’s too late to turn back now, let’s dive in!


My sale box included 7 items of clothing, all bundled together (no outfit piecing) and no accessories.  I get the feeling less time was spent on preparing the box (hence the reduced styling fee of $10).

My box was a mix of mediums and larges (instead of all larges like the first box) and I felt that my stylist tried to send smaller sizes if the item ran big, which I appreciated VERY much.


I liked several of the items sent & definitely felt like the style fit me much better (literally & figuratively) this time around.  I had fun trying things on & deciding what to keep 🙂


The price list:


Item # 1:  Umgeee Black Top

Before I go further, this top is a racerback top & I was too lazy to dig up my racerback bra that I packed away for the winter, so you’ll see my lovely bra straps.

Now, as for the actual tank – it’s cute, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the fringe at the bottom.  I feel like my muffin top/hips are my problem area and that drew attention to it.  SO – sending back.



Item # 2: Umgee green top

I am on the fence about this one.  I like the mixed patterns & the color looks good with my skin tone.  But the sleeves are too short.  Yes, I can totally push them up, to make them 3/4 sleeves, but they aren’t meant to be, so should I spend money on a new top that I have to alter?

On both this Umgee top & the Umgee black racerback one, my stylist sent a medium, which is the perfect size in that brand for me!



Item # 3: Naked black top

I’m not sure why this top is described as “Naked” when the brand is actually the in-house “Haute Hanger” brand, but regardless, this was my FAVORITE of the whole box!  It is a little too tight in the chest, but I’m keeping it anyway.  I love the fit and cut (and will make a note for a size large in this brand in the future).





Item # 4: Umgee blue printed dress

I liked this one a lot – I appreciated the colors & patterns (winter clothing can get drab), but I felt it fit like a maternity dress/tunic a little bit.  I have to be picky with clothing these days, given all my subscription boxes 🙂  So I am sending this back, too.


Item # 5: En Creme cream striped top

I love the brand En Creme, but I’ve only ever bought sweaters from that brand.  Apparently they make their tops TINY.  This is a size large and I could barely squeeze into it.  Way too short & tight; an easy “send back” item. (though I liked the stripes and coloring!).



Item # 6: Hem & Thread jacket

Ok guys, I really love the style of this jacket.  It’s so soft & cute, and the neutral color is something I don’t own in a jacket already.  But it has 2 things going against it.  1. It’s very short in the torso and 2. It sheds on everything.  I could potentially overlook the shedding (I have 2 dogs, so I am used to shedding – sigh) but the short torso thing would bug me.  I know it’s  supposed to be shorter but I felt like it was too short for my extra long torso.



Item # 7: A’reve gray loose knit sweater

Ok, I actually really liked this sweater.  I *love* mixed material tops and the split back is SO cute.  But (could you feel a “but” coming?), but the gray part of the sweater has several snags in the material and I know it will continue to snag.  I can’t buy a sweater pre-snagged.




Overall, I am very happy with my second Hanger to Home box.  I am sending all but 1 item back; however, the size & fit was SPOT on (except for the En Creme top) and I think the style is more reflective of me, too.

What do you think?  Should I keep something I plan to send back?





One thought on “Hanger to Home Review – December 2015

  1. I received the December sale box as well and our boxes were very similar. I also received the Umgee green top, the En Creme top, the jacket and the grey sweater. I think the green Umgee looked nice for you, but if the sleeves didn’t fit right, that would bother me as well. I had a lot of similar long torso fit issues too.


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