Golden Tote Review – December 2015

Golden Tote Review December 2015

Has it already been a month since my last Golden Tote review?  Time flies…if you remember last time, I sent everything back.  Apart from the items I chose, I didn’t like anything & since it was my very first tote, I was ok with trying again!

I’m excited to share December’s Golden Tote with you & *spolier alert* I kept this one!  If you’re not familiar with Golden Tote, there’s an explanation at the bottom of this blog post.  And if you decide you’d like to try a tote for yourself, please use my handy dandy referral link & we can be friends forever ❤  (Golden Tote).


I ordered another large tote this month, which meant I picked 2 items and received 3-4 surprises (depending on the value of my chosen items).  My choices were:

1. Shearling Sweater Coat


2.  24 Karat Cardigan


I ordered my tote on Nov 30th & received it on Dec 11th, which was quicker turnaround time than November’s tote.  I also had the same stylist (DL) as the first tote.  And GT was offering some fun Cyber Monday deals if you ordered on Nov 30th, one of which was a free piece of jewelry with each order.

So first – here was my freebie necklace.  It’s a rose gold color & very cute!



Chosen item # 1: Shearling Sweater Coat


Boy, did I want this to work for me.  I love the concept and it is the WARMEST & SOFTEST thing I’ve ever put on.  It may not flatter because it’s also huge, but it would be worth it.  Unfortunately, since I’m tall, the sleeves were too short by, like, 5 inches.


I contemplated keeping it anyway.  If you had that baby wrapped around you, you would understand 😉  But I ended up selling it on Golden Tote’s FB group.



Moving on!

Chosen item # 2: 24 Karat Cardigan.


Golden Tote actually advertised that this cardi would be a good choice for tall customers because the sleeve length was so long.  I knew I had to have it then 🙂


You can dress this bad boy up or down.  I am totally planning to wear it for Christmas Eve (assuming winter ever shows up) with a black dress.  I love the gold thread details in the black portion (though it is somewhat itchy).


I love this cardigan.  Perfect!

Surprise item # 1: Le Lis Plaid Flannel Detail Pullover


I’m not sure where the “flannel” is, but the plaid detail in this Le Lis top is adorable.  My stylist, DL, sized me down to a medium in both the Le Lis tops she sent, and they fit perfectly.  I love this one (but the next one is even cuter!).


Surprise item # 2: Le Lis Pocket Front Mixed Media Top


I’m so in love with this top.


Stripes?  Check.  Floral?  Check.  Mixed materials?  Check.  Cute little pocket?  Check.  I love this fit, feel, and basically everything about this top!  It’s the kind of top you can wear with jeans and feel put together without having to think about it 🙂


Plus it’s got great length!

Surprise item # 3:  Miracle Striped Sweater Tunic


This sweater/tunic has great length and fun striping, but the fuzzy sweater thing is just so not me.  I don’t like it (blah).


I feel like it hugs all the wrong places…am I newly pregnant?  No, but that sweater makes it look like I am!  I won’t send it back, but I’ll try to trade this one (or just end up giving it away).


Surprise item # 4: Skies are Blue Flannel Tunic


I came really close to keeping this one – flannel is so cute!  And this dress was very soft, made with thick flannel.  I love Skies are Blue items!


Plus – pockets!


That drawstring waist was a problem for me & the sleeves were pretty tight (uncomfortably so).  I knew that if I kept it, I wouldn’t wear it often.  I sold this tunic (along with the shearling sweater) on the GT FB group.

So overall – I loved 3 out of 6 items.  2 of the items I didn’t keep were due to fit issues & were sold ($25/each + shipping).  That leaves me with 1 sweater I’ll trade or give away.  I think this tote was very successful!  You can’t beat Golden Tote’s prices at $25/item for a large tote of 6 items 🙂



What is Golden Tote?

It isn’t really a subscription as there is nothing automated and you need to manually go in the 1st Monday of the month to order your tote (or anytime in between).  After you pick out your items, the stylists do the rest – filling the balance of your tote with lovely surprises!

If you decide you’d like to sign up with Golden Tote do so clicking here please so I can get a $10 referral credit 🙂

HOW IT WORKS (According to Golden Tote):

New totes go on sale the first Monday of every month at 9AM PST. The $49 Tote is a small tote filled with 2-3 pieces of clothing. The $149 Tote is a large tote filled with 5-6 pieces of clothing.

Pick one or two items you love, and we’ll surprise you with adorable, stylish clothing, at insider pricing, ensuring you get them for an absolute steal. We’re talking more than 50% off retail prices – that works out to around $26 per item. But shhh, nobody else has to know.

Is there something you just can’t live without?
Add items to your order during checkout for a reduced price.

Style your profile and tell us what you like to wear – or what you don’t. Every tote is hand-packed based on your profile. The more we know about your shape, size and style, the better we can personalize your picks for a perfect tote.

That’s it, you’re done! Wait for your shipping confirmation and delivery.



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