White Plum Grab Bag Review

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I have a fun review for you today!  Have you ever heard of Jane?  It’s a “boutique marketplace featuring the latest in women’s fashion trends, home decor, and children’s clothing”.  And I would add to that – the items being sold are at a great discount!

Each day new deals are released & I have fun checking to see if there’s something I want (usually there is 😉 ).

One of my favorite deals are grab bags – where a boutique takes leftover inventory, throws it in a bag, and sells the lot at a very cheap price.  You pick your size and then when the bag comes, it’s a complete surprise.

It’s like Stitch Fix on a budget!

While you have no idea what’s coming & there’s no styling profile to fill out, it is very similar to Stitch Fix, in that you get the surprise box/bag & fun new clothes!

Recently, Jane offered a grab bag from White Plum for $9.99/each, plus shipping.  I ordered 2 of them, so I spent $20 + shipping – the cost of a Stitch Fix styling fee!

Each bag included 3 pieces of clothing and 1 accessory.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 9.04.58 AM

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 9.05.06 AM

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 9.05.15 AM

As you can see from above, there was a wide variety of sizes offered, too, which is wonderful!

So, wanna see what I got? 🙂


My 2 accessories (one in each grab bag) were lace boot cuffs and a pair of gold studs.  I love the earrings – simple and fun!  The boot cuffs, however, I am not a fan of.  I have wide calves that prevent me from enjoying such a cute accessory 😦


The first top was a simple, soft knit one.  It fits perfectly and is great for wearing around the house.  The colors reminded me of candy canes, so I wore it a lot this December.


Item # 2 was a very lightweight striped cardigan.  I really like this one, too, since I don’t have anything like it and it can be worn in warmer months.


Next was a pretty blue blouse that has a cowl neck (so you would need to wear something underneath it).  I like the fabric and color of this one, but I’m not a fan of the style/cut.


Then came a lightweight summer chambray dress.  It’s a fun piece and I’m not sure if I’ll like it, but if all else fails, I’ll use it for a swimsuit coverup.  I do like the criss cross bow in the back!



Next up was a mock turtleneck top that I h.a.t.e.  I really loathe turtlenecks, mock or otherwise, so I knew I wouldn’t be keeping this!


And finally a poncho/shawl piece.  This was counted as a clothing item and not accessory.  I like the pattern and it’s very soft.  I’m not sure I’ll wear this much but I don’t have anything like it, so I will definitely keep it around to experiment with it!


Overall – what do I think of White Plum’s grab bag?  I love the element of surprise and the cheap price tag!  Of all the pieces I was sent, I could live without all of them, so I kind of feel disappointed with the bags.  But then, I don’t feel like I wasted a huge amount of money either and I got a couple pieces I am interested to try out.

Would I do it again?  YES.  In fact, grab bags were posted again today by White Plum on Jane and I ordered one.  And the day before grab bags were offered by Fancy Frill on Jane for $15/each and I ordered two!  It’s such a fun way to get the thrill of Stitch Fix without the price of Stitch fix 🙂


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