Birch Box & Ipsy: Which one is better?

BirchBox Vs Ipsy

Ipsy vs. Birchbox: They’re often compared to one another because they’re so similar. Both are monthly beauty boxes and run you $10 each time your subscription arrives.  Which one is better?  Are they worth $10/month?
To help you decide which subscription is best for you, here are the differences and similarities between Ipsy and  Birchbox.
Both subscription companies ask you to fill out a style profile that will detail your hair type, skin type, skin tones, specific problems you want your products to address and your makeup and perfume preferences. Both profiles can be changed whenever you want to help sway the types of products you will be receiving.
Once you’ve filled out your style guide, you just have to wait for the bag (in Ipsy’s case) or box (in Birchbox’s case) to arrive!  Then you will receive five products ranging from makeup, to tools, to hair and skin products. Either might throw in a fragrance every once and a while. Your products will always come with a small card of details on what they are and how to use them.
Ipsy Glam Bag
Here’s what I see as the big difference between Ipsy and Birchbox: Birchbox sends more skin & hair care, along with the make up and Ipsy sends mostly make up.  While I do like skin products every now and again, I love getting new makeup anytime, which is why I prefer Ipsy over Birchbox.
But if you prefer skin care (like lotions and face masks) and hair products (serems, hair masks, curl creams), then Birchbox might be a perfect fit!
BirchBox Example
I have received 2 months of both services and also noticed that BirchBox tends to send more sample sizes and Ipsy will send a healthy mixture of sample sizes and full sized products.
So which one will you try out?
If you decide to give Ipsy a try, they are running a 48 hour special where you can give them a shot without being waitlisted!
And if you want to see a full review on a Birchbox, check out my December review here.

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