Wantable Fitness Edit Review

Wantable Fitness Edit is a personal fitness clothing subscription.  It works similar to Stitch Fix – fill out your style profile and size info, pay a $20 styling fee (credited against your purchase), and if you buy everything in your edit, you’ll save 20%.
Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.37.30 AM
Wantable also has style subscriptions for accessories, makeup, or intimates wear.  I’ve reviewed 2 Wantable accessories boxes here and here and have been very happy with them so far.
Plus they offer another personal styling subscription for clothing, called Style Edit (see my review of that here).
According to the website:  “The Fitness Edit is a personal styling service that allows you to try before you buy. This means you get to try on 5 handpicked items in the comfort of your own home before paying for them. These items feature the hottest styles and latest innovations from brands like Shape Active, Lukka Lux, Onyx, Glyder, Pink Lotus, and HPE. Item prices are based on your personal preferences but usually range from $30-$70 each.”
I really had no idea what to expect in my fitness box.  I asked for comfortable yoga wear and got a healthy mix of that & workout clothing.
The prices ranged from $50-$70, which wasn’t too bad, but what I discovered, after trying everything on, is that I would rather spend $50-$70 on a pair of jeans or new dress/top than something I’m going to sweat in.
That being said, I actually loved almost all the items sent and everything (shockingly) fit!
Let’s try them on, shall we?
Outfit # 1/Items 1-3:
#1:  Glyder Cross Your Heart Wrap Tank
#2: Mono B Abstract Print Legging
#3: Space Dye 1/4 Zip Pullover
The leggings were long enough, fit perfectly, and a fun pattern!  My husband checked me out, like, 5 times when taking my picture and his (clear) vote was for me to keep them.  I am half-tempted, just for that alone!

The pullover was too short in the sleeves, if I hooked my thumb in them, which it was meant to be worn like that.  Otherwise it fit perfectly and I loved the rusching on the sleeves!

The tank was a fun piece!  I loved the detail in the back, but the length in the torso was too short for my taste.
Outfit #2/ Items 4-5:
#4: Glyder Elongate Legging Herringbone
#5: Teel Cross Back Long Sleeved Pink Tee
Um, I wanted to love these leggings and off of me, I did.  The pattern is just so darn cute, but on me, I felt like they were too close to skin color and I was running around half-naked.  If I had to do a double-take on something I put on, then most certainly others would, too!
The pink tee was awesome!  It is so soft and the sleeve length is amazing.  I love split-backs, too.  I’m contemplating keeping this item – it’s $50 though – which is the only thing holding me back.

All in all I am happy with the items I was sent.  If I wasn’t hesitant to spend more money than I’m used to on fitness/yoga clothing, I would buy the Mono B leggings and the Pink Tee!  As it is, I’m still thinking about it (the nice thing about Wantable Style Edit and Fitness Edit is that you get 5 days to decide!).


Have you tried Wantable Fitness Edit?  What did you think?  I might just give it another go!

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