Stitch Fix Review – February 2016

Feb Stitch Fix Review

January flew by, didn’t it?  I can’t believe that it’s time for another Stitch Fix!

(If you are new to Stitch Fix skip to the end of this post for a short description of the whats and how-tos & for a link to sign up for your own box of happiness!)

For February, I tried freshening up my Pinterest board & asked for some less bulky items (so less sweaters, more tops).  I also asked for a tunic & pinned some examples that I loved.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 7.57.36 PM

And here’s what came!



I spy, with my little eye, some tribal pattern in one of those tops!  *squeal*

My stylist said: “Spolier alert: Sending new styles.” in her note, which made me even more excited to try everything on!


No pants/jeans this time, but Jennifer sent 2 tunics, 2 tops, and a cardigan.  It was a fun fix to style!

Item # 1: Skies are Blue Hesperia Pocket Front Tunic

SaB tunic

I only got 1 decent picture in this tunic – on the style card it looks much longer (almost dress-like) than in person (or maybe I am just really, really tall).  I liked the fit & feel of this tunic but HATED the stripes/pattern.  Yuck.  I knew I would send this one back.

Item # 2: Laila Jayde Busby Cowl Neck Zipper Detail Knit top (say that 3 times fast)

Laila Jayde Tunic

My oldest daughter photobombed the best picture of the bunch, so you get a 2 for 1!  This tunic, while I liked the length, I pretty much disliked everything else.  The color was ok, but the band around the bottom – um, no (I even sent a top back last review because of a fitted band at the bottom of it).  I don’t like tops with bands like that & I’m not a fan of cowl necks either.  Sent this one back, too.

It starts to get better after this…I promise!

Item # 3:  Absolutely Omarion Open Drape Cardigan (and my fav t-shirt: Home T!)

Absolutely cardi2

Absolutely carid3

The colors, pattern, & fabric on this cardigan are wonderful!  It’s fairly lightweight, so it can be worn in the spring/fall time, and I just love this piece!  You know I’m a sucker for cardigans.  And I find that Stitch Fix just sends the best ones – very unique & I wear my cardigans from SF all the time.

Item # 4: Le Lis Sutherlin Contrast Print Knit Top

Le Lis top2

Le Lis top

I asked for a little floral in my pinterest notes and my stylist sent this piece.  Isn’t it wonderful?  Not only is it floral, but it’s mixed patterns & stripes!  I love the style of this top, and Le Lis is favorite brand of mine.  But (and unfortunately there’s a “but”), I felt like this top fit me too boxy/flowy/baggy.  I am considering asking for a size down, but I am nervous I would lose length.  This one is probably going back (sadly).

Item # 5: Papermoon Ramond Printed Front Raglan Knit Top

(Spolier Alert: I saved the best for last)

Ramond Top



Tribal print & raglan style?  YES please!  Jennifer said that this top is a personal fav of hers & I have to agree with her.  I am happily keeping this beauty!  Plus, I noticed this top has a V neck, which I am not often sent tops with V necks.  I like it. 🙂

All in all, I am super pleased with my February fix; lots of fun, colorful things to try on.  And I have 2 keepers!  I am already scouring Pinterest for new, fresh ideas for my March fix.

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What’s Stitch Fix?

Here’s how it works if you’re not familiar.You sign up here using my referral link pretty please (, fill out an in depth style/size profile, pay $20 styling fee, they ship you 5 items, you keep what you want, and mail back the rest.

If you buy anything, your $20 styling fee goes towards that purchase. If you buy all 5 items you get 25% off your order. It is totally free to mail your returns in. They send you all you need to do that.

You can do it as a monthly service or you can just schedule them whenever you want.

To get better items connect them with your style Pinterest board, give them a lot of feedback in the notes section, and fill out your style profile honestly.

For a list of my fix reviews, go here.


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