Stitch Fix on a Budget


A common complaint of Stitch Fix is that the price points are much higher than we are comfortable with or used to.  Sure the clothes are cute and who doesn’t like to get a package in the mail each month that makes it feel like Christmas morning?  But is it possible to enjoy the fabulous style & fun of Stitch Fix on a budget?


I styled a Stitch Fix box for myself over the past 2 weeks, using online re-sale clothing sites, filled the “box” with only Stitch Fix items, and saved myself almost 50% off each item.



First, I signed up for Poshmark & Thred Up.

Poshmark is an online re-sale for people wanting to do their own personal closet clean out.  You sign up for an account, create a virtual closet of clothing/accessory items you no longer want, & list them for sale.  I just signed up to buy – as a buyer, you can search for brands that Stitch Fix sells.  If you find an item you like, you can outright buy it (every item will include a shipping charge of $4.99) or you can make an offer, which the seller can counter or accept.

If you want to try Poshmark out – you can sign up for their app and get $10 off your first order using my code below:

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Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 8.34.07 AM

I buy most of my Stitch Fix items off Poshmark.  But I also buy from Thred Up, which is an online consignment store basically.  Instead of working with individuals and shopping their online closets, people send their clothes to Thred Up & Thred Up sells them & mails them out to you.  There is no option to offer on an item and things move very quickly on Thred Up.

If you sign up & buy something from Thred Up using my link, you’ll get $10 off your first order & I get $10 to spend, too!

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 6.55.04 PM


Now comes the work:  I checked both of these sites daily for Stitch Fix items.  I searched for popular brands like:  Market & Spruce, 41Hawthorn, Pixley, Papermoon, THML, Skies are Blue, Le Lis, RD Style, Pomelo, Renee C, Collective Concepts, Tart, etc…

On Poshmark, you can actually search using the term “Stitch Fix” which helped narrow things down.

It only took me 2 weeks to find, buy, & receive 5 Stitch Fix items that I L.O.V.E. & I spent about half of what I would have if I had bought all 5 from Stitch Fix new, with the 25% discount.  I spent less money, but much more time.  Basically I was my own stylist.


Want to see what I got?  (I’m so excited to share this with you all!!)


Such pretty colors & patterns!



Ok, ok…let’s really dig in now!

Item # 1:  Papermoon Mula Knit Top (SF original price: $38.  What I paid: $18 + $5 shipping: $23)

Papermoon Bright Striped Tank Price

Striped top 2

Striped top

Isn’t this tank just adorable?  It’s so soft, long, and the stripes/colors are bright & fun!  I love it!  I spend the most money on this item than any of the others because, well, I just wanted it!  I have had this Stitch Fix piece pinned for months; so happy I found it & it fit!


Item # 2:  Pomelo Kathy Striped Fit & Flare Dress (SF original price: $68.  What I paid: $15 + $5 shipping: $20)

Pomelo Dress Price

Dress 3

This is my favorite item of the 5.



I’m in love with this dress.  It’s so fun, fits like a glove, and can be accessorized in so many ways!  And it was CHEAP!  Love.

Item # 3:  RD Style Keira Crew Neck Split Back Knit Top (SF original price: $48.  What I paid: $12 + $5 shipping: $17)

RD Sweater Price

RD Style 1

Psssst….that adorable necklace?  It’s from my last Wantable accessory box….

RD Style 2

I am just in love with the split back style trend these days.  This top doesn’t have an under layer, so I chose a black top to wear under it BUT I could go with any color I wanted!  That makes it kind of fun & very versatile.  The fabric is soft, the fit is flowy without being boxy or baggy.  Another winner!

Item # 4:  Le Lis Conrado Lace Hem Knit Top (SF original price: $44.  What I paid: $14 + $5 shipping: $19)

Le Lis Top Price

LE Lis Top

Le Lis top 2

This was my least favorite top of the 5 – I always go down a size in Le Lis, which I did in this top, but I feel like it’s a tad too short.  I love the mix of stripes and polka dots but wish the top itself was a little longer.  I’m still gonna rock this one – maybe under a blazer for added length!

Item # 5:  Pomelo Priya Abstract Floral Print Knit Back Tank (SF original price: $48.  What I paid: $13 + $5 shipping: $18)

Pomelo Floral Top Price Sold

Floral top 2

Floral top

I’ve been in love with this top since I started with Stitch Fix last year.  I knew I had to have it when I saw it on Poshmark!  Thank goodness it fit perfectly & I can’t wait for the warmer months to come so I can wear this by itself.  For now, I’ll throw a cardigan over it!

So to recap on my total cost –

If I had bought everything through Stitch Fix individually, brand new:

Total Original Stitch Fix Cost: $246.

Minus the 25% buy all 5 discount: ($61.50)

Total cost to buy the whole box, if they had all come together new through Stitch Fix: $184.50


What I actually paid, including shipping, for all 5 items (3 gently used, 2 new with Stitch Fix tags on):  $97  (I saved $87.50!)

Pretty awesome, huh?  And I have to say, for my first time styling my own “Stitch Fix box” it went pretty well.  I’d call this “box” a 4/5, with the 5th item (the short Le Lis top) still a worthy item.


I definitely won’t give up Stitch Fix anytime soon.  While I can spend a lot of time searching for tops and dresses, it’s much harder to find pants that fit well.  Somehow Stitch Fix has always been able to do that, including length!

Plus, I don’t have the time to watch for Stitch Fix items to pop up on Poshmark and Thred Up all the time.

But this was a FUN experiment and I loved the clothing I ended up with!

Don’t forget – if you want to search for some Stitch Fix steals of your own, use my codes/links to get some cash towards your first purchase!


If you want to try Poshmark out – you can sign up for their app and get $10 off your first order using my code below:

Install free app now!

Sign up with code POXZH to get $10 off your first order.

If you sign up & buy something from Thred Up using my link, you’ll get $10 off your first order & I get $10 to spend, too!


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