SecondHands Fashion Review & Promo Code


I recently stumbled across a subscription box service called SecondHands Fashion and it was immediately something I knew I needed to try.

If you want to try SecondHands Fashion for yourself, get $5 off your first shipment by entering the promo code: FRIENDS And say you heard about us via: SARA DRAKE when you sign up!  Using that code will get you $5 off and me $5 off our next shipments 🙂

***I had a couple friends sign up using the promo code above and they said “The credits are given after the purchases or returns” as per SecondHands customer service.  So don’t be alarmed if the credit doesn’t show up when you check out***

Their Facebook page advertises: “At SecondHands Fashion we want every woman to feel beautiful and know they don’t have to spend a fortune to do so. That’s why we work hard at finding the best deals on name brand and designer items at local and high end consignment shops.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 10.37.04 AM

Those of you who are Stitch Fixers will be very comfortable with SecondHands Fashion’s system.  You fill out a style profile, pay a $25 styling fee, receive 5 clothing items in the mail styled for you, you have 3 days to try on & decide what to keep, your styling fee is credited towards the items you keep, and you get 20% off your box if you keep all 5 items.

The BIG difference is the price points.  Since SecondHands Fashion shops at local boutiques and high end consignment stores, they are able to send excellent used condition clothing for a low price.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 10.37.13 AM

You can just schedule 1 shipment to try things out or sign up for monthly boxes.  I just did 1 box to see what I thought to begin with.



My initial thoughts of the clothing I got were:  “WOW, that’s cheap!”  After subscribing to Stitch Fix for almost a year now, I couldn’t believe how low these prices were!  The most expensive item was $23.


I got 2 bottoms & 3 tops.


It seemed like a nice variety for a first box, I thought.


I was interested to see if the jeans & leggings would be long enough for my 33-34 inch inseam.  I was skeptical.

Item # 1: Elle Blue Black & White Blouse



So this blouse fit but it was completely not my style.  I could see keeping it if I worked in an office environment but since I’m a stay at home mom (and work from home Disney specialist), I don’t need a blouse like that.  Plus I’m not a huge fan of the mostly white color.  Maybe because it’s February and I’m too white to pull white off 😉

Item # 2:  Grey Paisley Tunic Dress with Silver Beading


My face says it all, doesn’t it?


Um, I really didn’t like this top.  It was silky feeling (which is a texture I’m not fond of) and the colors reminded me of old curtains.  My stylists did recommend belting it for dimension which I think would help this top out a lot!  But since I didn’t like the texture or pattern, I just returned this top.

Item # 3: Gold Metal Black Fleece Leggings (picture above with the tunic as well)


You guys, I was shocked these fit!  Usually “one size fits all” leggings are really “one size fits most” for me, since I’m 6 foot tall!  But they fit and were long enough.  I loved the fleece lining.  I almost kept these, but they sagged a little in the crotch area after walking around in them a bit, and I was constantly pulling at them, so I sent these back.  But major props to my stylists for finding these!

Item # 4:  American Eagle Oversized Aztec Sweater


Oh my gosh, the patterns and colors of this sweater are so cute! But….


Hello crop top.  There was NO way this sweater would have been close to being long enough in the torso.  I knew it the minute I pulled it out of the box.  Bummer.

Item # 5: Paige Denim Skinnies (what I kept!)



Another shocker: the jeans were long enough!  At $18 they were also a steal.  I kept these, and since I paid my $25 styling fee, I actually paid $25 for these, which was still a good deal.

Overall, I was happy with SecondHands Fashion – the first boxes for any subscription company, in my experience, are always a learning box.  They won’t typically be great, as you & your stylist are getting to know each other.  I was able to get 1 pair of jeans and everything I was sent fit.

Will I try it again?  YEP!

Want to try it for yourself?  I have a promo code for that 😉

If you want to try SecondHands Fashion for yourself, get $5 off your first shipment by entering the promo code: FRIENDS And say you heard about us via: SARA DRAKE when you sign up!  Using that code will get you $5 off and me $5 off our next shipments 🙂


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