Stitch Fix Review – July 2016


It’s time for another Stitch Fix Review:)  We are in the middle of summer days & I was looking forward to getting some bright colors and lightweight knits for the heat & sun that comes with the month of July.

Last month’s fix was such fun one – being able to unbox your fix with a bestie (who also happens to be your size) is awesome!  I kept my favorite gray t-shirt of all time, the Market & Spruce Hi-Lo.

Before I get started, I wanted to pass this on to you!  I got an email from Stitch Fix offering a $25 credit to YOU for your first fix that is scheduled before July 28th!  That’s a free box to try it out (and $25 to spend if you like it!).  To get that deal, click on the picture below using my unique referral link for the $25 credit (I also get a $25 credit, so it’s a win-win!)

$25 credit is applied when you create a Stitch Fix account & schedule your first Fix for delivery by July 28, 2016, using the unique referral code below:

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 8.07.36 PM.png



So for July’s Stitch Fix, I asked for another try at a cargo jacket in gray, but a different style for longer sleeves and then just summery, colorful items.  When my July box shipped, I didn’t peek.

Let me say that again.

I didn’t peek ahead of time.  Not even a little bit.  It was SO hard but it made opening my box way more fun 🙂


I felt like it took forever to get here.  But finally – I got to see what was inside.


My first surprise was that my usual stylist, Jennifer, was on vacation.  While I was initially bummed, I have to say my fill-in stylist ROCKED it.  I was tempted to keep 3/5 items, which is more than typical.  Jan paid special attention to my history, my notes, & even this blog!  She was very thoughtful in the pieces she sent me.



Let’s see how things fit!

Item # 1: Market & Spruce Tealy Raw Seam Knit Top


How many ways can I say U-G-L-Y?


I mean.  The color is all “Orange is the New Black”


While it was long, it was very clingy fabric and made me feel dumpy.  Plus the color.  BRIGHT orange?  Maybe for Halloween I’d wear it, but not for $54.  I sent this back.  *ew*

Item # 2:  Level 99 Cindie Printed Linen Short



I loved, loved, loved the fit of these shorts.  My fill-in stylist even paid attention enough to size down because these run bigger (props), and they fit like a DREAM.


Buy you guys.  I couldn’t bring myself to spend $78 on shorts.  Also, I wasn’t super crazy about the pattern.  If they had been denim shorts with the same fit, I would have bought them in a heartbeat.  I sent these back but I might still think about them wistfully from time to time.

Item # 3: Moon and Sky Behn Crochet Detail Knit Top



Jan suggested that I pair this top with the Level 99 shorts, so I did!





I liked the POP of color.  And that the top was nice & long.  I thought about keeping it but in the end, the embroidered detailing wasn’t my favorite and the strappy straps were not covering normal bra straps (important to me!).  This went back, too, but not as sadly as the shorts.

Item # 4: Andrew Marc Sayan Anorak Jacket



Initially I wasn’t impressed with this jacket because it was an army green instead of gray, which was my preferred color.




After trying it on with my trusty gray T, I still wasn’t a fan.  It was a little too baggy for me, and I didn’t like the drawstring bottom.  I sent this back (though I have to admit – the sleeves were plenty long!).


Item # 5: THML Fahari Embroidered Top



I had this item pinned & Jan sent it because she noticed that.


I have to say: it was LOVE at first sight.



While it wasn’t a knit top, it was soft, a fun pattern, and it was so, so long!!  I loved the fit on me, too!  THML tends to be a favorite brand of mine & this top was no exception.  I kept it!

I was very happy with my July box, especially since my regular stylist was on vacation!  I can’t wait (as usual) for the next box to come!  I don’t know if I will have the will-power to keep from peeking again, though 🙂


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What’s Stitch Fix?

Here’s how it works if you’re not familiar.You sign up here using my referral link pretty please (, fill out an in depth style/size profile, pay $20 styling fee, they ship you 5 items, you keep what you want, and mail back the rest.

If you buy anything, your $20 styling fee goes towards that purchase. If you buy all 5 items you get 25% off your order. It is totally free to mail your returns in. They send you all you need to do that.

You can do it as a monthly service or you can just schedule them whenever you want.

To get better items connect them with your style Pinterest board, give them a lot of feedback in the notes section, and fill out your style profile honestly.

For a list of my fix reviews, go here.




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