Trendsend (Evereve) August 2016 Review


It’s been awhile since I ordered a Trendsend (Evereve) box and that’s because of a couple reasons:

First, they introduced a styling fee of $20/box in 2016 and I wasn’t wanting to pay that fee unless it was a Stitch Fix box 🙂  The good news about this is that in the past month, Trendsend got rid of their $20 fee and now to order a box there’s just a $1 processing fee.  Score!

Second, I wanted to actually visit a brick & mortar Evereve store and meet a stylist, who would then style me in future boxes.



I was able to visit the Evereve store in Oakbrook, IL twice (once in March & once in June) this year, both times I had a BLAST talking to the girls who work there!  They spent a couple hours with me each time styling me & I felt so pampered & spoiled!


While I didn’t buy everything they sent my way, I bought a LOT!


So many great outfits to try on!


So after my trips to the Oakbrook store, I requested that store to be assigned to my Trendsend account, meaning that my stylists (who met me twice now) could style my boxes.  I highly recommend doing this – if you can.  It was a 3 1/2 hour drive for me to go to Oakbrook’s Evereve and I am so glad I went.  Now that the fee is dropped from their subscription boxes, I anticipate getting these boxes monthly!


So to recap: Trendsend(Evereve) is a company that was founded to help moms find fashionable clothing.  Their website says of the Evereve clothing stores, “Because you are busy juggling a million different things, I wanted to create a clothing store that makes shopping easy, helpful, and fun—where kids, girlfriends, and husbands are welcome.”

Trendsend is the subscription box that Evereve stores provide for moms who want the convenience of the clothing shipped right to their door.

So – how does this subscription box differ from all the others?  Right off the bat – there is NO subscription fee, just a $1 processing fee per box.  You can try it without hardly any cost to you.  Isn’t that awesome?  You also don’t have to pay for shipping either way.

Create a style profile & then Trendsend says: “We will select outfits that match your taste and lifestyle, and you’ll save a weekend’s worth of shopping. We offer sizes 0-14.”


Something I really like about Trendsend (vs. Stitch Fix for example), is that they send 2 outfits instead of 5 items.  It’s fun to get a lot of variety.


Like last box, Trendsend sent me 2 outfits to try & mix/match.  That ended up being 8 items in the box.  I also tried to link each item I received in my Trendsend box to the Evereve website in case you like something & want to buy it:)

Outfit # 1

Paige Denim Verdugo Ultra Skinny $174.99 (but now online are $139.99)

Free People Anna Tee $58

Allison Joy Sable Button Back Plaid $58

Leather Tassel Necklace $48


So out of the box, I immediately was drawn to the plaid top but not loving the tasseled necklace (because tassels aren’t really my thing).  After trying things on though….


I really, really like the tassel necklace.  Why does it have to be $48?? 😦


The Free People tee was fantastic!  Nice & long in the sleeves.


The Paige jeans were great – nice & long, too.  But the price was a little high & I already own a pair this shade from Target for *much* less.


Adding the plaid top by Allison Joy – love it!



Outfit # 1 is really a winner overall!  I love the necklace, tee, & plaid top.  The jeans are my only definite send back item.

So…for outfit # 2, I got:

Sanctuary Habitat Short $59.99 (but online now they are $47.99)

Peyton Jensen Irvine Mindeal Wash Tee  $48

Lovestitch Fringe Drape Cardy $88

Beaded Trio Stretch Bracelet $18


Initial impression out of the box was that I tend to hate the fringe, loved the shorts, and was so-so about the tee.


The bracelet set was super cute, though dainty.  I, for some reason, almost never wear bracelets so I probably won’t keep these.  My husband loved them, however, so maybe I can talk him into buying them for me 😉


While I typically love anything Peyton Jensen, I wasn’t over-the-moon on this red tee.  It’s a fun color, but looks boxy on me.  The shorts were ok – I liked the color & fit a lot but I don’t like rolled or cuffed shorts that aren’t stitched in place.  If they are a unstitched cuff, then the cuff unrolls in the washer/dryer and I can never get it to look as nicely as when I first wore the item.

Yes, I do know what an iron is 😉  I just don’t iron.  Like ever.


Trying to get a fringe cardy/sweater on in 90 degree heat isn’t easy!


So I really liked the sleeve length of this sweater – and it was so, so soft.  And I didn’t mind the fringe as much as I thought I would, after trying it on!  But it’s a pricey piece and I like so many other pieces in this box better, I’m probably going to send this one back, too.



What a FUN box!  I love Trendsend’s boxes and will start getting them monthly now that there’s not a $20 styling fee (just a $1 processing fee).  I would totally recommend trying them out at least once!

I am on the fence on several pieces and almost certainly will keep the plaid top at the very least – a great fall transitional piece!


What would you keep?

Want to check out my other Trendsend box?  Go here.

Want to see what Stitch Fix boxes are like??  I have my review list here.



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