Rocksbox Review & Your 1st Month FREE!


I usually stick to clothing subscription reviews, but this next review is jewelry!

Rocksbox is a jewelry rental subscription service. Members pay a flat rate of $19/month to get access to a personalized rotating closet of designer jewelry, sent in sets of three at a time.

Fill out a style profile and get 3 fabulous pieces of jewelry to try out and experiment with, and return when you’re done and get your next set (free shipping both ways!).  You can also keep the pieces you want to love forever at a 20% discount off retail.

What to try this service out for FREE?  For a limited time, anyone who signs up & use promo code sarabff504 will get their first month free 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 4.28.34 PMScreen Shot 2016-08-13 at 3.25.43 PM

And I love that you get to try the pieces out before committing to buy or not buy at ALL – just rent & rotate in fresh jewelry as many times as you like.

When you get your box, make sure to save your packaging to mail the jewelry back when you are done with it:


It’s packaged SO prettily.  Your jewelry items come in a neat little box tied with a bow!


Make use of the month you paid for (or got free if you sign up under me!).  Rocksbox turns around boxes really fast, and you get them even faster when you drop it in the mail and leave feedback for your stylist.  I can get a box every 5 days or so depending on what day of the week I return it.  SO if you get a dud of a box, return it & get new pieces!



Rocks Box has a rewards program called “Shine Insider.” You’ll be granted $10 of Shine Spend every single month to keep the pieces you love. As always, return your Rocksbox pieces anytime and as often as you like or keep your favorites at a discount.


The information card has the retail price and your discounted price if you want to keep it.


I received 2 pieces from my wishlist (make sure to create one after you sign up) & I love both of them – the 1 surprise items is just so-so for me.

Item # 1: Gorjana Mave Hammered Double Pendant Necklace (Gold) $60


I requested this piece & love it!  I was surprised there’s no clasp – you just loop the layers on, one at a time, but it’s kind of nice that way!


It’s classic, delicate, and very versatile.  I really love it!


You can find this on amazon for $70, so Rocksbox is giving just less than a 20% discount if I wanted to purchase this necklace and keep it for $60.  Plus, you get a $10/month credit to spend on pieces you want to keep!

Item # 2: Perry Street Willow Studs: $36


These weren’t on my wishlist – but studs are usually my go-to earring.


These are just ok…I don’t love them, but don’t hate them.  I wouldn’t buy them.

Item # 3:  Kendra Scott Dee Earrings in Rose Quartz: $40


I requested these, too.


Super feminine!  Very pretty & fun!


They are so dangly, it’s hard to get a clear shot of them!


You can find these on amazon for $50, so Rocksbox is giving a true 20% discount if I wanted to purchase these and keep them for $40.  Plus, you get a $10/month credit to spend on pieces you want to keep!

Overall – this is a fun box to get.  I love that you can get as many new set of jewelry to try out as you can fit into the month period.  And that you get $10/month to use towards a “forever purchase” if you want.

Remember, if you sign up & use promo code sarabff504 will get your first month free 🙂  And still get $10 to spend on a piece of jewelry.



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