Stitch Fix Review # 2 – August 2016


Hi, I’m Sara & I have a a problem.

I’m so addicted to getting Stitch Fix Boxes in the mail.

I have been good and only been getting 1 fix/month for a long while, and then last month, I got TWO July Fixes (here & here).

So I decided for August I would only get my usual single fix.  But then this happened:

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 5.18.54 PM

I WON A STITCH FIX CONTEST!!  I haven’t ever won anything this exciting, ever.  I was over the moon for days, I tell you, days.

So with my Stitch Fix credit burning holes in my pockets, I totally caved & schedule another August fix.  Because WHY NOT??

(If you are new to Stitch Fix skip to the end of this post for a short description of the whats and how-tos & for a link to sign up for your own box of happiness!)

Since I had lost my longtime stylist, I decided to give Jenn another shot (if you remember I wasn’t in love with my first August fix) because I hadn’t really asked for anything in my note, so there wasn’t a lot of direction (since I was expecting my old stylist to be styling me).

Here’s what my note said:

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 7.07.15 PM

And when my box arrived, I was surprised to see that Jenn was not my stylist for this box after all, but a totally new girl, Kate, was.


But after looking at all the fabulous items, and feeling like it would be hard for me to decide on what to keep, I know I will keep one thing: KATE.  She did a great job on this box!


Floral, stripes, dress, denim: check, check, check, & half-check.  I asked for shorts, but got jeans, but that’s ok!


So many fun, pretty things to try on!


Out of the box, I immediately loved the dress & striped hoodie.  After trying things on, I’m unsure on both.  I have until Tuesday of THIS week to check out so give me feedback 🙂

Item # 1:  Skies are Blue Delila Embroidery Neckline Knit Top


This is my least favorite item – it’s too blah of a color for me.  The cut is nice, and the pattern is fun though.



Me, hiding from the neighbors, because it’s embarrassing how frequently I pose for pictures in our front yard.


After trying this on, I’m still not loving it so much.  It’s probably going back.

Item # 2: Liverpool Collen 4 way stretch Straight Leg Jean


I have to say I am really impressed with the length of these jeans!


Here’s the thing with these jeans – I have dark skinnies from a previous fix that I l-o-v-e and I can cuff.  These I can’t cuff because they are baggy at the bottom.  I think I’ll send these back, too.

Item # 3:  Papermoon Jalen Lace Detail Dress


This dress is amazing you guys.  I have nothing like it in my closet and it isn’t too short!


Such a pretty floral print!


My husband isn’t a fan of the shoulders on this dress….he thinks they are boxy & the top is a little too blouse-y.


What do you guys think?  Keep or not?


Item # 4:  Loveappella Sevilla Funnel Neck French Terry Sweatshirt


I love this one!  So soft & cosy!  And striped!



It’s such a fun piece!


I love the details in the cuffs:


I am pretty sure I’ll keep this!


Item # 5:  Papermoon Catarina Knit Top


I love the color of this top!


It’s super soft and a nice length.


I’m not sure on this one either.  It seems a little plain Jane for $44.  It will probably go back unless you all convince me otherwise! 😉


That’s it!

This was a great fix, especially considering that my stylist was completely new to me!  I need your help, though!  I have until Tuesday to check out: what do you think of the Papermoon dress?  Keep or no?

PS Like my necklace & earrings?  They are from Rocksbox!  For a limited time, For a limited time, anyone who signs up & use promo code sarabff504 will get their first month free (a $19 value!) and $10 to spend on anything you want to keep!Jewelry close up


What’s Stitch Fix?

Here’s how it works if you’re not familiar.You sign up here using my referral link pretty please (, fill out an in depth style/size profile, pay $20 styling fee, they ship you 5 items, you keep what you want, and mail back the rest.

If you buy anything, your $20 styling fee goes towards that purchase. If you buy all 5 items you get 25% off your order. It is totally free to mail your returns in. They send you all you need to do that.

You can do it as a monthly service or you can just schedule them whenever you want.

To get better items connect them with your style Pinterest board, give them a lot of feedback in the notes section, and fill out your style profile honestly.

For a list of my fix reviews, go here.






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